Bluehost Coupons 2015

Bluehost Coupons 2015 – A listing of some of my favorite bluehost coupon codes and discounts.

You may come up with a very good idea and would want to build a website to share your knowledge and information with the world. However where to host it on and what you need to go forward may become a very tall order especially if you have no clue on what to do. Bluehost webhosting is one of the most important places you can go to for help.


Features of Bluehost webhosting

1. When you sign up with Bluehost you are given a free domain name registration, which makes it one of the few webhosting companies that do that.

2. They offer an unlimited domain names and an unlimited bandwidth, this may all seem storage at first of why it is important, however, when you start working on your website it will soon come in handy.

3. Once you have signed up and everything is in order you get a control panel that is customized thus easily manageable with no complications. Basically meaning it is straight forward thus you don’t have to enter strange codes and numbers

4. When it comes to putting the sight up and running, you will have the privilege of using its quick installation scripts and an integrated instant site builder, which makes your work easier in just a matter of minutes.

5. If you decide to put on other sub domains to your main domain, you will have the the freedom to do so as it offers unlimited free domains.


There are a number of numerous benefits that come with webhosting with blue host, some are:

1. It is the one of the cheapest hosts available and has become even cheaper due to the introduction of the bluehost coupons. The bluehost coupons works by using the link found in the website, this helps you to purchase hosting at a very low price of $3.49 dollars compared to the usual $5.99.however, this is available if you chose to buy the hosting services for 3years. You can also chose to buy for 2 years which will cost you and additional 46 cents and or for 1 year or only $4.95. Also ensure that you use the links written bluehost coupons otherwise it will not be applicable.

2. You also get a money back guarantee 45 days after webhosting with bluehost or if you are t satisfied with their services after a period of inactivity. Meaning you can get refunded anytime you want without any questions asked.

3. In case you want a dedicated IP address you can easily obtain it at a price of $30, which is still very cheap under any circumstances.

However the biggest disadvantage that comes with it is that after you purchase a single plan payment for your website and you will not find it easy to move from it once you want to grow however, it is highly unlikely to increase within a year, and still it might come as an issue for some.

Where you want to move or create a website blue host webhosting is truly an amazing experience with the greatest customer support staff there can be.

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